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Can I be real a second? (For just a millisecond?)

Everybody wants to be a cat write a book.

You already know a book can inspire your audience and add six figures or more in revenue to your business — if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. And you also know there’s nothing that makes a business owner feel more heroic than saying “yeah, I wrote the book on that.”

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But to become your audience’s hero, you can’t just write any old book. You’ve got to write a heroic book.

What’s the difference between a heroic book and any old book (or a crappy book)?

Two things.

First, heroic books strive to be great.

Not “done,” not “published,” not even “bestselling.” Two of those are going to happen anyway, the third is an unreliable metric — and none of them guarantee the kind of epic business results you want from a book.

Great. Truly, unshakably excellent.

That’s the kind of book will double your business in three years or less, inspire your audience, and make you a heroic author.


Because unless a business book is great,
it won’t work the way you want it to.

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  • Want the book to attract new clients? They’ll only be attracted if the book is great.
  • Want to drive traffic to a course or a mastermind? People will only think the course is worth buying if the book is worth reading.
  • Want to get more speaking gigs — or charge more for the ones you already have? Sending event planners a crappy book is a fantastic way not to make that happen.
  • Want to double your revenue in three years or less — without doubling your expenses? A book can get you there, but only if it’s high-quality enough to be a true foundation for growth.

So if you want heroic business results, you need a heroic book. Which means you, the author, get to become a hero to write and publish it — not because you’re required to, but because you’re called to.

And that’s the second thing that separates a heroic book from a regular one: writing and publishing it is a hero’s journey. Not a race, not an outsourced task, not an item on a business to-do list. A journey.

But you probably already guessed that. Why? Because every hero’s journey begins with a calling. A moment where the hero (that’s you!) realizes they’re meant to do something bigger, more important, or more inspiring than they were doing before.

And when you decided to write a book about your business, you felt that calling. The calling to help more people. The calling to change more lives. And, frankly, the calling to take your own life and business to a higher level.

You’ve heard the calling. And you’re ready to answer it — by starting your own hero’s journey, from business OWNER to business AUTHOR. 

There’s just one catch: the hero’s journey takes, well, heroic effort. If it were easy, everyone would do it. (Or as Lorraine Peterson put it, “anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice.”)

Fortunately, there’s one secret to making a hero’s journey easier:
don’t take it alone.

See, working hard in isolation…how to put this? Really, really sucks. It’s lonely, it feels unsupported, it makes it impossible to judge the quality of your work, and it gets boring pretty fast.

And working hard on a task you don’t know much about without any kind of guidance from someone who does know about it, that’s even worse! I think the technical term for it is “beating your head against the wall.”

gif of a guy beating his head against the wall

So trying to write and publish a business book alone (let alone a great one!) is a recipe for missed deadlines, sleepless nights, stress, shame, and, ultimately, either a crappy book or no book at all.

But you don’t have to take this journey alone.

Why not? Because every hero has a mentor.

Luke Skywalker wouldn’t be Luke Skywalker without Yoda. Amelia Earhart wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without the teaching of pioneer woman aviator Neta Snook. Alexander Hamilton needed George Washington to direct and channel his (NON-STOP!) energy. Lisbeth Salander’s surrogate father Holger Palmgren helped her find the humanity to use her hacking skills for good. And I bet every single astronaut who walked on the moon can point to a mentor who helped them get there.

Who’s your mentor on the hero’s journey from business owner to business author?

A Master Wordsmith.

That’s me, by the way —
James Ranson, The Master Wordsmith™.

My job is to help successful biz owners like yourself become big damn heroes to their readers, their companies, and themselves by writing and publishing high-quality books that will change lives, make money, and fuel growth for years to come.

I serve as consultant, coach, project partner, Sherpa, Jedi master, Charms professor, drill sergeant, conductor, and more…all in the name of helping you write the best book your best self would turn out on their best day ever.

gif of a character saying This is the best hing since... well... ever!

Here’s a snapshot of what that journey looks like:

Starting with strategy, so you know how this book will grow your business and make you money before you even start writing it

Balancing what you have to say with what your audience wants to hear, so you’ll write the book your readers never knew they needed until they can’t put it down

Using your heroic business experience to show readers your authority and position you as the mentor in their hero’s journey

Writing for conversions, not just conversations, so the book gets you actual buyers rather than tire-kickers and lookie-loos

Rewriting, revising, and polishing your first draft into a final text so good you want to pinch yourself

Taking the time needed to ensure quality control, so nothing feels half-assed, unfinished or rushed-to-market

Following a personalized schedule and process that guarantees both your book and your business get all the attention they need from you

Getting regular training and direct feedback from your mentor (that’s me!) to hold the book to the highest standards of quality, accessibility, and impact — and to ensure you always feel completely supported

Having professional copy editing, proofreading, cover design, interior layout, author bio and book description copy done for you by my team of experts, so you can feel confident your book not only is the best, but also looks the best

Determining an exciting, ROI-focused marketing strategy for the first year the book is out, so you can start seeing money come in right away and build over time

Publishing your book either directly with me or through my partnership with Morgan James Publishing, depending on your preferences and needs

Enjoying the process, because if writing a book feels like a chore, we’re doing it wrong!

If that sounds like a journey you’d like to take, I’d like to invite you to a free Six-Figure Book Strategy Session with me. During this 50-minute call, we’ll discover exactly what your heroic author journey will look like, what book you’ll write on it, how that book will grow your business, and how my book mentorship can guide you along the way. Click the button below to book this free strategy session!

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And remember, Don’t Be A Hero.

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